Anne Sajdera

Pianist/composer Anne Sajdera has long been an invaluable part of the San Francisco Bay Area Brazilian music scene—as leader of her own trio and as a member of ensembles such as the Alexa Weber Morales Band and Sandy Cressman's Homenagem Brasileira. Her outstanding debut Azul, released in spring 2012 by her label, Bijuri Records, highlights her exquisite touch, rhythmic acuity, and melodic resourcefulness.

Ms. Sajdera holds a Bachelor's degree in composition from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and has been teaching and performing (classical and jazz) in the Bay Area for two decades. She is a member of the Music Teachers Association of California and works with both independent students and students enrolled in the Certificate of Merit program.

Students studying with Ms. Sajdera build a firm musical and technical foundation with the European classical masters while simultaneously learning the improvisatory traditions of American music.