Dix Bruce

Dix Bruce is a musician, composer, author and award-winning guitarist from the San Francisco Bay Area. He performs and records with a variety of Bay Area-based musical groups in varied styles from traditional American country and folk to bluegrass to swing to rock and jazz. He teaches guitar, mandolin, uke, and electric bass.

Dix has been teaching music to students of all ages and styles since the early 1970s in groups and in private lessons. In the late 1970s he taught music to grade school children in the Marin County public schools. He has taught many adult workshops in music theory, jazz, bluegrass, folk, and country at music camps including the California Coast Music Camp, the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop, Walker Creek Music Camp, and the Acoustic Guitar Festival. He has been a guest lecturer in music history at local junior colleges. Dix has authored over fifty music instruction books, recordings, and videos for Mel Bay Publications. He performs and does studio work on guitar, mandolin, bass, and banjo.

Dix’s philosophy of teaching is to guide the student to discovering the joy and fun of music. Learning, as much as possible, is determined by the student’s own goals, interests, and pace. Dix works to get each student up and playing songs as quickly as possible.

Beginning students , learn instrument basics and then move on to specific styles. Dix uses materials from his many books and recordings, tailoring the instruction to the individual student’s needs.

He has recorded two LPs with mandolin legend Frank Wakefield; eight big band CDs with the Royal Society Jazz Orchestra; his own collection of American folk songs entitled My Folk Heart on which he plays guitar, mandolin,autoharp and sings; and a CD of string swing and jazz entitled Tuxedo Blues. He has released four CDs of traditional American songs and originals with guitarist Jim Nunally. His most recent project is a CD with singer and mandolinist Julie Cline entitled Look at it Rain. Brothers at Heart and Look at it Rain are available from iTunes, CDBaby, and from Dix’s website: musixnow.com.

For information on lessons, openings, email Dix: dix@musixnow.com. For more information on Dix Bruce and his publications and CDs, browse his web site: musixnow.com.

Publications by Dix Bruce:
The Parking Lot Picker’s Songbooks, Old-Time Gospel Crosspicking Guitar Solos, Christmas Crosspicking Solos for Guitar, Christmas Favorites for Solo Guitar, Gypsy Swing & Hot Club Rhythm for Guitar, Vol. I & II, Gypsy Swing & Hot Club Rhythm for Mandolin, You Can Teach Yourself Country Guitar, You Can Teach Yourself Mandolin, Favorite Mandolin Picking Tunes, Mandolin Uff Da! Let’s Dance: Scandinavian Fiddle Tunes & House Party Music, Basic Swing Guitar DVD, Basic Country Guitar DVD , Dix Bruce’s Swing & Jazz Mandolin: Chords, Rhythm, and Songs DVD, BackUP Trax: Old Time & Fiddle Tunes, play along book/CD set, BackUP Trax: Swing & Jazz, play along book/CD set, BackUP Trax: Early Jazz & Hot Tunes, play along book/CD set, Getting into Bluegrass Mandolin, First Lessons: Mandolin.

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