For over three decades Piedmont Piano Company has been recognized as the leading source for vintage Steinway pianos in Northern California. We continue to locate the finest second hand Steinways, and are always adding new and unusual instruments to our inventory.



Our pre-owned inventory includes quality brands such as Yamaha, Baldwin, Bösendorfer, Bechstein, Mason & Hamlin, Knabe, Chickering, and Kawai. For forty years we have specialized in locating excellent used instruments, putting them into top condition, and offering them at reasonable prices.



Most of our used pianos are in excellent condition and come with our guarantee:

We will repair any defect without charge for parts or labor for a period of ten years from purchase date. 


Are you considering a used piano?

Purchasing a used piano can be an excellent alternative to buying new. Second hand pianos, if properly maintained and played in moderation, can often be found in a condition that rivals that of new models. Given the high cost of new instruments, used pianos can provide excellent value.

We are all familiar with the depreciation that automobiles experience – few would consider a thirty year old car to be comparable to this year’s model. But piano design has remained virtually unchanged for over one hundred years, and needless to say pianos don’t spend their life outdoors and in motion. So it’s not unusual to find instruments in our inventory twenty to thirty years old, and even much older, in excellent condition and ready to give similar service to the new pianos next to them.

In the 21st century and particularly since 2010 – 2015, the value of used versus new pianos has increased. The cost of building a high quality new piano continues to rise and at the same time there has been an explosion in the number of used instruments offered for sale, fueled in part by the ease of listing second hand pianos on the internet. Because so many used pianos are available the selling prices have gradually gone down, making many of these instruments true bargains.

But how do you separate the bargains from the junk? It’s very difficult for a lay person to be able to evaluate the true condition of a piano. At a minimum it’s always recommended that a used piano be inspected by an experienced professional piano technician before any purchase is consummated. And it’s fairly easy with a little research to identify respected makers (Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai, Baldwin, Mason & Hamlin, Bechstein, Bösendorfer and others) and pianos to avoid second hand (anything made in China or Korea, among others). But ultimately, finding a great piano at a great price offered by a private party is extremely difficult.

But there is another alternative – come and see us! After 40 years in the business of selling high quality used pianos (we started as a “used pianos only” company back in the 1970s) we have bought and sold more second hand instruments than any dealer you are likely to encounter, anywhere. And our used inventory today is larger than it’s ever been – we have more used pianos available than any dealer in Northern California, and most likely in the entire country.

At any given time our used inventory includes dozens of Steinway, Yamaha, and Kawai grands and uprights, as well as uprights and grands by Bechstein, Bluthner, Bosendorfer, Mason & Hamlin, Baldwin, Chickering, Knabe, and many more of the world’s best makers of the present and the past. And our entire inventory is here under one roof – set up, on display, in tune, and ready for your inspection and trial. And our sales staff, made up exclusively of professional musicians and technicians, can tell you the details of the history and condition of all of our used instruments.

And finally, you will discover that our prices are the best you'll find anywhere. Our used grands in particular are typically offered for prices thousands of dollars below the asking prices on Craigslist, eBay, and the other online selling platforms.  New inventory is arriving every week - please come by and take a  look at some of our wonderful used pianos!